Training in Spartan Gym

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is based on ground combat with lever and choke grips. Since punches are not allowed, the skill is accessible to a wide range of people regardless of age, gender, or previous experience. The trainings are exclusively recreational in nature, adapted to all belt colours (ie previously acquired technical knowledge), so you do not need to be afraid if you have little or no experience.


IN THE BEGINNING: T-shirt (short, long sleeves), shorts / tights, flip-flops or slippers, water, towel

LATER: Kimono – a uniform in which the skill is performed. You can arrange information / consultations about the purchase with the instructor.



Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4.45 pm to 6 pm


The groups are led by Luka Lanščak, dipl. kinesiologist, with 10 years of experience in sports (brown belt).