Training in Spartan Gym


You don’t like working out in a group? That’s not a problem – you can book an individual class with any of our coaches!

If you are just starting training, it is enough that you have comfortable workout clothes (shorts, tracksuit, leggings, shirt). We train barefoot or wearing socks.

Later: hand wraps, boxing gloves (at least 12 oz) and shin protectors (it’s possible to buy/order them at the club). You should also have a towel and a bottle of water at each training session.


Individual training is scheduled in agreement with the coach, usually in the morning and early afternoon, because later hours are reserved for group trainings.

Every session lasts 60 minutes and includes the warmup, the main part (kickboxing and Muay Thai) and stretching/relaxing in the end. Of course, if you have special requests, for example if you want to practice boxing technique more or you want more strength training, feel free to let your chosen coach know, and they will adapt the training to your wishes.


  • Aleksandar Pupac, kinesiology professor (trains the recreational mixed group and competitors)
  • Boris Dugonjić, MA in kinesiology (trains the women’s group and the school group as well as young competitors)
  • Tena Lončarić, bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and our former junior champion in kickboxing