Boris Dugonjić

MA in kinesiology

Brief info

Coach Boris has been in our club since its beginnings. He graduated in 2013 at the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb as one of the best in class.

2016 he enrolled a PhD in kinesiology and is now nearing its completion.

At the Faulty of Kinesiology, he enjoyed working at the diagnostics centre and was also drawn to sports conditioning. He specialised in the sports conditioning of children, adolescents and adults in areas of martial arts, skiing, tennis and football.

Alongside our coach Aleksandar, Boris is a part of our team of experts in Spartan Gym and he leads the trainings of women’s group and school groups.
Boris is also the leader of our junior fight club with which he achieved remarkable results on the national level as well as international cups (national champions, vice-champions and winners of international cups) and you will find his name in the trainers’ committee of Croatian Aikido Federation and in some scientific papers on kickboxing.

A little bit private, but extremely patient, competent and professional coach who will adapt every training to you and your needs, regardless of whether you train alone or in a group. Do not hesitate to let him know if something hurts, because our Boris will find an exercise to get rid of any ache. Do you want to get lean and fit? Maybe you want strong and well-defined abdominal muscles (six pack)? Contact Boris!

Besides everything mentioned, he is famous for his culinary skills and he is the best cook amongst all our trainers. Feel free to ask him for advice if you want to eat healthy as he will gladly share his recipes. It is interesting that he is one of few people who don’t like chocolate!

His areas of expertise are:

  • Kickboxing trainings
  • Boxing trainings
  • Sports conditioning of athletes
  • Work with children and adolescents