Luka Lanščak

Dipl. Kinesiologist

Brief info

10 years of sport experience, brown belt.

His first contact with martial arts was in 2007. in Virovitica, where he started training in the Freestyle Wrestling Club "Knockout".

After arriving in Zagreb in 2012., he began to study wrestling on the ground, with and without kimono, at HAJJK Mladost "Black dragon".

At the beginning of 2014., he became an instructor in the mentioned club, and in the next 6 years of working with recreational athletes and competitors, he participated in numerous local, regional and international grappling / BJJ competitions.

In mid-2018., he was promoted to brown belt under the leadership of the first BJJ black belt in the Republic of Croatia, Dubravko Čolić and Ilija Ćavarović, president of the Croatian Ju-Jitsu Association.

He tries to be relaxed, open and approachable in the training and he teaches a similar approach to his students.

In trainings he focuses on:

  • teaching techniques
  • learning through sparring